Best deal on Subs in St Catharines just got even SWEETER

Hey don't get me wrong, 4 SUBS AND 4 DRINKS for just $20 is an awesome deal and the fact we use fresh buns and fresh meat makes this even better.

We believe customer service is everything and we work hard to reward those that have made Submission Subs your sub shop of choice here in St Catharines.

From Wednesday Sept 7​,2016 to Friday Sept 30,2016 each time you purchase our 4 Subs/Salad and 4 Pop for $20 deal you will receive a Free ticket for a draw where we will give away some cool prizes as our way of saying thank you for your business.

Prizes Include


Our subs are awesome but nothing taste better than a free sub.


Mixed Styles did our shirts, hats and aprons. Great job.

They also have tons of video games etc. Check out their Facebook Page or visit them at 19 King St     St Catharines.

4 People will win a free

$25 Gift Certificate

We just love getting our vehicles washed here. Great service and they do an awesome job.  Give them a try and you won't be disappointed.

Located at 50 Benfield Drive St Catharines.



More prizes may be added. All you have to do is to order the 4  Subs 4 Pop Deal, pay just $20 bucks and you will get a free ticket for the draw with EACH PURCHASE. 

Thank you everyone for all the likes, shares and comments on our Facebook Page and for referring Submission Subs to your friends. We appreciate all of you. You Rock.

Winners will be posted here at and also on our Facebook Page at

More good news for Submission Subs Friends & Neighbours

Many of you have completed your Customer Appreciation Cards and have received your 2 FREE Subs. Many more have cards near full. Thank you everyone for  making SUBMISSION SUBS your St Catharines Sub Shop of choice.

As an additional BONUS once you fill your card we will ask you to sign the back so we may enter your Customer Appreciation Card into our monthly draws for extra prizes. Just one more way to  thank those that visit our shop frequently. First draw will be on Aug 15,2016 (our 90 day anniversary) and each month following on the 15th.

At Christmas time we will do some more draws for additional prizes. The more cards you fill up the more ballots you will have.

PLEASE remember to bring your Customer Appreciation Card with you EACH TIME so that we can stamp it for you.  If you want to leave it at the shop we don't mind it holding it for you if it helps.

Just so you know about 95% of the ladies have their cards with them but about 95% of the men forget theirs. We are considering putting up a cork board ( for the guys) so that the ladies don't win all the prizes. LOL.

Thanks again friends for helping us to get off to such a great start. We sure appreciate it.

Claude & Rose