Submission Subs for Dummies

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Francine Orgar

Francine Orgar Reviews Submission Subs

Francine Orgar reviewed Submission Subs5 star

September 14 at 4:45pm ·

Last week, we ordered the four subs for $20 deal. The subs were delicious and they were delivered to our house! I know I will order from them again...i mean how can you pass up delivery??

2 thoughts on “Submission Subs for Dummies”

  1. Friendliest owners, and the freshest, most tastiest subs I’ve ever had. Two subs and a pop for under ten bucks? Awesome!

  2. Placed an order for delivery and the customer service was outstanding! Really kind and professional with taking down our order! My husband has been going to your place for a week now on his lunch break and came home tonight with a big smile saying ” i think i found our new place.” food was exceptional and the people even better. thank you!

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